This is where I’m posting progress reports... and pictures of the actions!
If you’ve got any questions or would like to meet up for a cup of tea, drop me a line on email!
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6th june 2009: picnic time
I can’t believe it, but not a single drop of rain fell out of the sky on saturday at the picnic... and the forecast all week had been for really heavy showers! I was up till past midnight on friday preparing food for the fest...  read more
14th may 2009: it’s up!
yes, it is done! the artwork is up and looking pretty darn good on the hoardings! go down to the site anytime (see google map)and have a look for yourself! read more
22nd april 2009: 2nd phase begins!
now I’m retreating back behind my desk to actually create the artwork... making compositions of the letters to write the slogans and getting to grips with all the technical stuff regarding the printing process... read more
2oth april 2009: the worlD OVER
wow, this is a bit of a result... after 6 weeks of planning we finally got a date! I wandered along snargate street in the glorious sunshine looking for the definitive rope shop in dover and found the perfect place: sharp & enright... read more
14th april 2009: not glosseD OVER
this is a kind of post script re the 6th april: the day the sewing centre cancelled on the project! I went from trying to recruit a local W.I. group to following a suggestion by the lovely editor of the village magazine of river, rivall, jean hoynes... read more
8th april 2009: minD OVER matter
so, today was supposed to be a recruiting session... but I arrived down at pencester gardens at midday, thumping with a heavy bass line from the sound system around the skate park... there was a skate jam going on. read more
4th april 2009: get DOVER it
today was the day of the first action!!! 9 brilliant kids, and some of their mums and dads, came to the step up school at 1.20pm to get involved with the project. sam and their lovely teacher jenny made it all happen - a big shout out to them! read more
24th march 2009
here's an overview of where the project stands at the moment and includes my choice of slogan for each group. last week felt more productive, this week things aren't moving as quickly as I'd like, but that's just the nature of this preliminary period. the project is still on track... read more
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