Here’s a list of names and links where appropriate to all the people and organisations involved so far in alphabetical order...
Age Concern Dover and all the ladies:
Pam Bancroft
Joyce Sutton
Sheila Baldwin
Muriel Murray
Sandra Murray
Joan Sargent
Charlie Spore and Sam Kaine (Skateboarders)
and their Youth Officers Yvonne Holder
and Jenny Luddington
Dover Harbour Board and the fabulous four:
Rachel Bushell
Yvonne Mwaiwa
Rob Pryce
Ainsley Bartlett
Sarah Lang and Anne Knight at Dover Pride
Katherine Moloney (Artist and Knitter)
Kimble Perry (Knitter)
Martin (Bike Rider)
Jenny Parks and her  Step Up School
Sam Adams (Art Therapist and Mum)
Edda Venusia Jones. To view some of my previous photography projects, click here.
Jonathan Wright is the other artist involved in Dover Visuals and you can view his work and the project site here.
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