Close to Darkness
21st June – 24th June 2012 
A Sensory Installation in Darkness by Edda Jones and Russell Burden

at LIMBO, Substation Project Space in margate, kent.

Close to Darkness is a collaborative exploration of duality and polarity – ranging from the interface between lightness & darkness and positive & negative, to the realm of the seen & unseen and the heard & unheard – in an immersive installation work.

Working in the mediums of photography and sound, Edda Jones and Russell Burden creatED a sensory experience in a darkened space. The participants entered near total darkness and were enveloped in a cloud of sound. A sharpening of their senses then helped to slowly discover the faintly glowing still images on the walls – revealing themselves fully as the eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. Symbolic cues to highlight the mystery of light and dark; the alchemical wonder of the photographic process mirroring that of retinal translation – underpinned by a careful study of abstraction. All the while, the site-specific sound piece continued and introduced another layer of sensory understanding. 
thanks to everyone who came to see the show and gave us such encouraging and inspiring feedback and also posted, tweeted and chatted about their experience.

check out russell’s starbathing site here
download the full press release burden and jones_PR_2012.pdf
Installation overview with the lights on!
Installation by Edda Jones, overview in semi-darkness
Photograph by Edda Jones, not backlit
Photograph by Edda Jones, not backlit
Photograph by Edda Jones, not backlit
Photograph by Edda Jones, not backlit
Installation by Russell Burden, 
overview in semi-darkness
Installation by Russell Burden, 
Recording the transformer outside the gallery for the sound piece
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