This is a selection of non-commercial photographic work produced since 2005. For easy viewing, please click “Start Slideshow” on right.
Download PDF of Commercial Portfolio here: evj_portfolio_2010.pdfWhat II_files/evj_portfolio_2010.pdfshapeimage_1_link_0
museum entrance
museum entrance
orange trail towards carmel
orange trail towards carmel
exhibition view
exhibition view
exhibition view
exhibition view
exhibition view
jones_tarnish I_1
jones_tarnish I_2
jones_tarnish I_3
jones_tarnish I_4
jones_tarnish II_1
jones_tarnish II_2
jones_tarnish II_3
jones_tarnish II_4
jones_tarnish III_1
jones_tarnish III_2
jones_tarnish III_3
jones_tarnish III_4
jones_untitled I_1
jones_untitled I_2
jones_untitled I_3
jones_untitled I_4
jones_untitled I_5
jones_untitled I_6
jones_untitled I_7
jones_untitled I_8
jones_untitled II_1 (2008)
jones_military I
jones_military II
jones_military III
jones_military IV
jones_military V
garden_joburg (2008)
dusk I
dusk II
dusk III
dusk IV
dusk V
dusk VI
dusk VII
dusk VIII
dusk IX
dusk X
dusk XI
dusk XII
“places, non-places and super-places”: exhibition of photographs, october 2007 “tarnish” series I, II and III, 2005–2006 “untitled” series I 2007 (2008) “military” series 2006 (2008) “dover at dusk” series 2009 All content and images copyright © Edda Venusia Jones 2006-2012. All rights reserved. go to main homepage ENTER CLOSE TO DARKNESS